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Who We Are

Hello fellow Breeze Flight Attendants! As a dedicated team spread across our growing system, we're united in enhancing every aspect of our careers. Join us in building our Breeze AFA Union, ensuring we have a significant voice in our company. Let's make this happen together!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Victoria Bada - BDL

 I support AFA to help flight attendants have a better quality of life!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Tess Bennett - BDL

As our company grows and expands, our Flight Attendants will need more than ever the ability to communicate potential challenges and receive support during this important time. Our Flight Attendant Union would ensure our crewmembers have a voice and get the protection we deserve!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Jillian Blackie - BDL

Fighting for Flight Attendants Rights!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Joan Kristine Brooke - BDL

I want Breeze to grow and survive in this competitive industry.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Gina Burke - BDL

I support AFA because I believe in UNITY!

Breeze Flight Attendant

Leanna Coy - BDL

I want to be part of a union because I love this company and want to see it thrive.

Breeze Flight Attendant - BDL

Angela Dieni - BDL

I love my company Breeze Airways so much, especially my amazing coworkers! We are the face and heart of this company and I know that having a union will be the push we need to help continue to make extraordinary possibilities for all of us!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Alana Dorvil - BDL

The desire to unionize isn’t something born of unreasonable entitlement but rather the unprecedented need for protection and peace of mind. I want a Union so I never fear losing my job by putting my health first, whether it be physical or mental. Thank you.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Amanda Estacio - BDL

I support the union to protect my pay and quality of life.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Sarah Flaherty - BDL

I would love to have a union so we are protected when things go astray. We are all a team and I know that a union would unite us. Lots of things can go wrong in this industry, and a union would help all flight attendants to be treated properly.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Bonnie Jean Fontaine - BDL

I support AFA because I want to protect my career that I love.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Wendel Goden - BDL

I am in favor of a Union to protect the rights of all Flight Attendants.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Jaime Harvey - BDL

I support AFA!

Flight Attendant - BDL

Taleeksia Hill - BDL

I am for the union, because I want to feel supported. I want to be able to call on someone to help me out and not feel alone.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Jason Konesky - BDL

I support AFA for a successful career and life.

Breeze Flight Attendant - BDL

Jill Ligouri - BDL

The reason I want to join the Association of Flight Attendants is to enhance my worklife at Breeze Airways by improving my compensation, workrules and job security. Being a member of AFA will not only improve my career but improve the lives of myself and family.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Ricardo Louzada - BDL

I want to unionize because I think it’s unfair to be waiting at the airport and not being compensated after checking in, especially on Christmas. Also, check in, work the plane, board the passengers and not get paid until pilots released the breaks.

Breeze Flight Attendant - BDL

Robynne Martino - BDL

I'm excited to join a team of Flight Attendants who, working together, will make our industry safer, enhance work/life balance, while helping the industry grow in a fair and respectful manner.

Alyza Candelaria - TPA

Alyza Candelaria - TPA

I wholeheartedly support the movement for us as Breeze’s flight attendants to unionize with AFA. As an airline that proves we are constantly changing the aviation industry, I believe that a union will change the work dynamic for the better for us flight attendants here at Breeze. Unionizing will provide a negotiated contract voiced by US! Breeze is growing and we deserve to know our position is growing with it.

Flight Attendant - BDL

Kailyn Rodriguez - BDL

I support having a union to protect our employees who work hard for this company!

Breeze Flight Attendant - CHS

Elizabeth Fredrickson - CHS

Be the change you want to see

Breeze Airways Flight Attendant - CHS

Tyler Sherrow - CHS

I want our Flight Attendant Union because I want to see fair and equal treatment for all Flight Attendants.

Breeze Flight Attendant - MSY

Jennifer Crilow - MSY

A union will protect us with clear boundaries, a more stable work environment and a better quality of life.

Breeze Airways Flight Attendant - ORF

Natalia Astudillo - ORF

In an ever-changing industry where accountability matters, it only makes sense that Breeze Flight Attendants seek proper organization through AFA. We need our management to be held equally as accountable as the Flight Attendants, and we haven't been able to accomplish that on our own.

Breeze Flight Attendant - ORF

Lexi Buie - ORF

Unionizing Flight Attendants will allow us to connect and support each other across all airlines so that we may improve treatment and work rules industry-wide, for today's flight attendants and generations to come!

Breeze Flight Attendant - ORF

Kelsey Smith - ORF

Breeze AFA will help Breeze Flight Attendants have written rules and guidelines in a contract that cannot be changed to benefit the company at any time.

Breeze Flight Attendant - PVD

Zac Bonhoff - PVD

Without a union, I have no legal protections to do the job that I love and that I'm qualified to do, and I want to go to sleep each night knowing that I will still be able to do the same job I know and love the next morning. As a unionized flight attendant, I know that I would have consistent working conditions, a contract that ensures my job and expectations don't change unexpectedly, and most importantly, I would have a vote on any changes that are made to my contract during each negotiation period. Right now, without a union, I have none of that.

Breeze Flight Attendant - PVU

Sally Bezemer - PVU

There is a difference between doing things right and doing the right thing. Don't ever let anyone make you feel like it is wrong to be seen and heard.

Breeze Flight Attendant - PVU

Siloh Carina - PVU

Hi! I'm Siloh. I've been a flight attendant at breeze since operations began. I've had the wonderful opportunity to see this airline grow in its over two years of operation. I really want to see Breeze reach new levels of success. A very large part of that is making sure that it is a good place to work where I feel like I am compensated and treated fairly. I am so happy that AFA is working tirelessly to help me -- and help us -- with our goals. I feel so lucky being able to be a part of it as well to make this the best working environment possible.

Breeze Flight Attendant - TPA

Tanya Arnold - TPA

Unionizing produces higher productivity in a safe workplace, lower employee turnover, improves communication and gives workers a voice so that the working conditions and wages are fair, which has a domino effect on health and well-being for us all.

Flight Attendant - TPA

Brittany Fuentes - TPA

I am supporting our union for a seriously refined quality of life for myself and all of my flying partners. We deserve transparency in policy/procedure decisions, a defined scope of work and the ability to sustain our lives without the need to rely on outside sources of income.


Ricky Gonzales - TPA

I desire to unionize because as our company grows I want to ensure we grow with it too and aren't left behind!

Amy Ranahan

Amy Ranahan - PVU

I support unionizing because I care about creating a healthy work environment for our Flight Attendants, especially considering the unique safety and security challenges that exist in our workplace. I care most about those who may not have been in the airline industry before. Working without a contract is like walking a high wire without a net. When we come together as a work group, with a common voice, we create healthy boundaries, promote change, build job security, enjoy quality of life, and manifest strength, friendship, and cohesion that is measurable.

Arlene Ross

Arlene Ross - BDL

Flight Attendants need AFA representation. Flight Attendants need to be compensated for the duty we provide from the time of Check-In to the time we have deplaned from the Aircraft.

Kaaliyah May

Kalliyah May - BDL

Successful career, successful life with AFA!


Jariee Odom - PVD

I don’t see nothing wrong… with a little unionism. Nothing is perfect in this world but having extra protection would help us get closer to that goal and everyone in the chain should support having our backs being watched throughout our journey with A Seriously Nice Airline.