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Seriously Empowering Flight Attendants for the Success of Our Careers and Airline

Breeze AFA is All of Us!

Breeze AFA is our union that is truly by Breeze Flight Attendants, for Breeze Flight Attendants. This is our moment to shape our future, focusing on what matters most to us, not just what management dictates. We're not just aiming for a contract; we're striving for a groundbreaking agreement that brings substantial pay improvements, enhanced work rules, and robust job security.

Together, we are an unstoppable force. Standing strong with over 50,000 fellow Flight Attendants from 19 AFA-represented airlines, we're not just asking for the improvements we deserve - we're making them a reality. This is our time to soar, together!

T Hill Breeze Flight Attendant

I am for the union, because I want to feel supported. I want to be able to call on someone to help me out and not feel alone.

A Dorval Breeze Flight Attendant

The desire to unionize isn’t something born of unreasonable entitlement but rather the unprecedented need for protection and peace of mind. I want a Union so I never fear losing my job by putting my health first, whether it be physical or mental. Thank you.

T Sherrow

I want our Flight Attendant Union because I want to see fair and equal treatment for all Flight Attendants.


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